TENCEL™ Jogger Pyjama Pants

Rs. 2,149
Color: Denim Blue


Handmade jogger pyjama pants to be worn out, at home, or in bed. Comfortable pants with adjustable drawstrings, knee pockets for essentials and soft ankle elastic cut from an exquisitely soft and pleasant 

TENCEL™ fabric.

Model: Height 5’7” (170cm) wearing size Medium


Denim Blue, White

Package contains

1x Jogger Pants


TENCEL™ (Lyocell)

Fabric properties and Care

Pure, durable & anti-static
TENCEL™ is a very durable fabric and resists signs of wear, like thinning.

Helps maintain a comfy body temp

Won't get you hot and bothered (unless you're into that)

Quality Sleep
Increases microcirculation flow and regulates the nervous system enhancing sleep

Softer than cotton
TENCEL™ has a silky smooth feel. They are not especially prone to wrinkles, further enhancing the smoothness.

Guaranteed skin-friendly
Antipruritic or does not cause itchy or irritating issues on skin. Also has the right pH value for the skin therefore passing individual health requirements
For all the essentials

Throw it in the machine and forget it. Note: Dark colours might run during the first couple of washes so it is advisable to wash them separately.

No-Twist Waistband
No bunching while you sleep

Good for the Earth

TENCEL™ is a 100% natural fiber. It is made from wood pulp and other sustainably sourced sources. Not only that, it’s eco-friendly. The production of  TENCEL™ uses less water and space than cotton, through their “closed loop production process.” What you may not realize is this means that 99% of the materials and chemicals used can be reused to minimize waste.

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