Focus on simplicity with the finest fabrics.

1. Most of our clothes are made from lyocell, organic cotton and linen which is 100% natural, soft, breathable and long lasting.

2. Every piece is made with care. With focus on craftsmanship in the making process we ensure that each and every garment is of the highest quality.

Launching Bliss

Loungewear for the modern

Bliss is the feeling when you withdraw some time out from your daily business to enjoy leisure time and life’s most simple pleasures — eating, playing, resting, reading, writing, contemplating.

Somewhere along the way, life became about expectations and measuring up to the status quo. From comparing ‘friends and follows’ on the internet, to trading all our time for things, to working hard and sleeping less … it’s time to get back to what matters, in the place that matters most. Jamies is reimagining life with Bliss at the center. Welcome Home.

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